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Usenet is a world-wide distributed messaging, discussion, and data exchange system. There are newsgroups for virtually any topic, and millions of users from around the world exchange comments, pictures, software, and files.

If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable access to Usenet newsgroups, MEGABITZ is for you! We offer a wide variety of services, designed to meet your needs. Our ultra-fast server cluster brings in terabytes of new articles every day.

Our UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD accounts allow you to download large amounts of data without worrying about speed caps, daily limits, or having to use multiple servers. These accounts are simple! You connect, you download. Ideal for high volume downloaders!

Our BLOCK DOWNLOAD accounts are for casual users who only need occasional sessions or fill for incompletes on their ISP-provided news server.


We've got a special on quarterly accounts! Your first quarter is only $28.95 (unlimited download, EIGHT concurrent connections).


Try out the 100GB on-demand block account! Only need an occasional session? Don't want the hassle of a monthly bill? On-demand blocks are ideal for the light user who doesn't use news on a regular basis. $23.95 (100GB download, twenty concurrent connections).

Now SSL Enabled!

MEGABITZ now offers encrypted Usenet access!

Up to 256-bit SSL encryption available!

Encryption provides excellent privacy protection

Virtually any client can be SSL-enabled

No surcharge for SSL at MEGABITZ!

Secure your connection now! Connect to secure.megabitz.net


Lower prices, good service, better deals, honest completion rates, and fast gigabit connectivity. Want more? Okay -- how about a FREE trial and 50% OFF your first month? 

> We Listen!

We want to provide the services you want. We've been adding more retention to keep up with demand. We've added several types of Usenet block accounts in response to your requests. We've even added a new, low-volume value-priced plan for users on slow DSL lines. If we don't have what you want, tell us!

> Reliability

Our fast, redundant servers offer blazing speeds via gigabit ethernet connections at major peering points.  No need to be dependent on complicated DS3 or OC12 circuits!  With our diverse connectivity, you can be assured that you can download at the fastest speeds your Internet connection can handle.

Redundant servers means a fault-tolerant service that almost never goes down.  Our systems are specifically designed for high uptime and high availability.

> Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy outlines our data retention policies. Your personal information remains private.

> Completion

We have fantastic completion.  We don't just wave our hands and claim to have 99%+ completion.  We monitor this critical metric and post live stats on our web page.

> Uncensored Newsgroups

Many providers carry a huge number of spam-riddled groups to make their numbers look more impressive. We hate both spam AND censorship, so we maintain a high-quality list of active newsgroups and then present them intact.  MEGABITZ is the service that lets you browse Usenet without frustration.

Whatever your interests, MEGABITZ has the newsgroups that you need!